Monday, March 7, 2011

Youth in White Shirts!

Thanks to everyone that was apart of this skit. I hope you had a lot of fun! Kristin and I had so much fun and we are proud of you.


  1. the clap before ski jump was perfect, nd jon u went to fast on the clap before rain drop haha

  2. youth in white shirts!:)

  3. This is Janelle's Dad Jay I just want to say the youth did a great job ,at the talent Event.My wife, kids and I had such a good time we are ,so proud of John and kristen for their hard work with the youth for God Thank You from Chavez Family.... (GO GODS YOUTH)


Youth Permission Form

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If you or a friend have not been to an event this year, please fill out this form before you arrive at the event. Thank you! :)